Affordable Graphic Design

Briefing your designer well is the key to affordable graphic design
Graphic design is a broad term and encompasses everything from logo and brand design to brochure and point of sale design. The underlying key to excellent but affordable graphic design is for the designer to have a good understanding of the client’s goals and personality.

A good graphic designer will listen to and thrive on your input, getting to know you and your company and tailoring the designs to suit your target market. Taking the time to initially research what is required will enable a good designer to generate an eye catching design that hits the mark very quickly; this shortens the graphic design process, therefore making it more affordable.

Affordable graphic design from Deckchair
At Deckchair we aim to deliver the very best in affordable graphic design. Our work is memorable and original. With a keen eye for detail, we ask questions about what you do and how you do it, we get to know you and your company. Our graphic designs will be tailored to suit your target market and will accurately reflect the ethos and personality of your business. If you have ideas of your own, that’s great. If you don’t, we can give you plenty.

We can help you with all aspects of graphic design, looking at your company or products and producing powerful and sympathetic brands, effective promotional material and to-the-point advertising. We can handle projects involving a wide range of media, providing a one-stop-shop service that can be invaluable if you’re just starting out or need to rethink your image.
If you need help with print, graphic panels or complete exhibition stand design, Deckchair can help. Whether it’s mass production of interactive CDs, packaging or supplying artwork for advertising, we’re experienced in the media that matter.

Our graphic design services include:

Logos and branding

Stationery and business cards

Brochures and mailers

Point-of-sale and packaging

Advertising and expo kit

Interactive CDs and presentations